AIX Authentication/Authorization for Apache 1.3

"Loadable Authentication Modules" are AIX's way to extend the identification and authentication functions of the operating system. They are - up to a certain degree - the AIX equivalent of PAM and NSS mechanisms known by many other systems.

mod_auth_aix is an Apache module that allows the Apache web server to use AIX Loadable Authentication Modules as it's source of basic authentication. It has originally been inspired by Paul Henson's excellent mod_auth_dce, which seems to work perfectly on every platform but AIX. Although mod_auth_dce is more powerful than mod_auth_aix, the latter already meets my current demands. Due to it's generic approach, mod_auth_aix should work with any AIX Loadable Authentication Module, not just (but of course including) the DCE module.


Source Code

mod_auth_aix - Copyright © 2003,2004 Markus Zahn